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Tweet on Twitter Ca. And you have to admit that, for the price, what we get is pretty darned good. In fact, these days, where a product is made is almost irrelevant to the consumer. Now, youngsters, take note. How did we arrive at our current state of affairs, and who is responsible? Jack Westheimer — one of the pioneers of global guitarmaking. Among the brands associated with his activities are Kingston, Teisco, Teisco Del Rey, Silvertone, Emperador, Cortez, and Cort, not to mention a host of other monikers that have graced guitars coming from the Cort factory. In fact, Westheimer was one of the earliest and most influential importers to cultivate Japanese manufacturing in the years surrounding

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What does luxury mean to you? Having the option of choice. Who is your favourite tailor?

Ready-to-wear Drawing inspiration from the escaramuzas, the Cruise collection pays tribute to the world of horse riding while revisiting Dior’s precious design codes and savoir-faire.

Started in by an enthusiast photographer, specifically for pilots and racing car drivers and still to this day handmade in Italy , Persol is not only one of the best-made sunglasses around, but also the most stylish pair you will ever own. Whether you have a taste for the finer things in life, or you’re the classic rebel without a cause, Persol has the shades that will fit your style this summer.

Here are the four styles of Persol sunnies that will have you standing out on the beach this summer. The image should be clear in your mind: Steve McQueen driving pedal to the metal in a Mustang, sliding through LA street corners with smoke brimming off the road, dipping his shades in salute to any good looking girl strolling past. These glasses are just that cool. They’ll complement everything from a tailored suit to the casual shirt and jeans look, and they have an effortlessly cool style that will make any look you choose seem timeless.

The light and narrow frames optimise comfort, so if you’re a sun-chaser who spends more time outside, this style suits longer wear.

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Cape Town hearts vintage Browse through classic attire at some of these nifty vintage stores in and around the Mother City Last Updated: Various designers and clothing stores have incorporated the look and feel of yesteryear in their fashion pieces. Why not get these signature pieces in its original state at a shop that specialises in what your mom used to wear?

Vintage clothing stores in Cape Town are wonderfully nostalgic – not just for the comforting, musty scent, but also for the history connected to each garment. Here’s a collection of the city’s best.

LOUIS VUITTON Official USA Website – Discover Louis Vuitton’s designer sunglasses for women in a variety of styles, colors and materials, all made with quality and sophisticated refined details.

We were amazed by the gray-tint polarized lenses when confronted with killer sun on singletrack. The design works especially well for runners, what with the low weight, the extra security afforded by the stay-on springy frames, and plenty of sticky rubber at the temples and ears. Oversize synthetic lenses add coverage and protection from sun and wind.

The flamboyant mirroring knocks back glare and creates playful contrast with the crystal-clear frames and temples. The clean style of the matte black frames contrast the gold lens mirroring. And the price makes these Spys even more appealing. And the optics of the rosy-tint synthetic Prizm Road lens are wondrously high in contrast and resolution. In the frames, old-school tortoise combines with classy brass and sets up a nice contrast with black sculpted temples.

Quality carries over to the sharp, gray-tinted synthetic lenses, which make for easy on-off around town. The frames float—a nice touch for surf-themed glasses, no? The lack of rubber cladding and some light leakage around the lenses mean these are made for chilling.

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Today, sunglasses have taken their place and hats are worn by only a very few men. While they certainly protect your eyes, they are also an excellent way to add personal style to your outfit. With that said, there are some hard and fast rules one should adhere to when wearing shades. As with many an accessory, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear them.

Sunglasses, like many accessories, stemmed from a very practical purpose: Today, they are no longer a simple, practical tool.

This UV sunglasses is made of resin and metal, which is light and comfortable for long time wearing. dating with your boyfriend, travel, shopping and etc. Specifications. Frame Material: Metal: Lens Material: Resin: Gender: Xiaomi Mijia Vintage TS Sunglasses with Nylon Glasses Round Frame. Special Price $ Regular Price $

The maxi dress style is a very relaxed, loose fit that works for all body types and is worn most commonly during the spring and summer seasons. Based upon records, the first maxi dress was designed by Oscar De La Renta in So why was it called a scooter skirt? Hence, the nickname scooter skirt would emerge and gain hold of the American consciousness. While we most commonly associate the specific wide-legged jeans with the hippie generation of the s, this denim style was more common than you think.

Now, wearing jeans is as common as owning a pair of socks. It was the easily impressionable youth who sought after the denim craze as led by brands like Levis, Lee and Wrangler, all of which still exist today. A crepe ascot shown above is type of ascot that lays like the ruffles of a jabot. It just lies as is. Unfortunately the nickname secretary blouse is demeaning because it insinuates that if working, a woman was supposed to be a secretary.

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George Michael and boyfriend Fadi Fawaz looked like a super cute couple as they perused the shops in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this week. The two men were seen wearing very similar checked shirts as they spent their leisurely afternoon shopping for sunglasses. George Michael and his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz wore matching shirts as they shopped in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this week George, 49, was relaxed and laid back in his short sleeved shirt but didn’t fill it out as well as his muscular partner.

Fadi looked great in the complimenting top even though it could only just about contain his muscular arms and chest. The couple were able to shop without any fuss being made over superstar George and they spent a pretty long time trying on different shades.

Reading Sunglasses. Whether you need bifocal or fully magnified reading sunglasses, it’s important to keep your eyes protected and your vision clear. Reduce glare from reflective surfaces with polarized bifocal reading sunglasses. Combine your reading magnification with the UV protection of sunglasses.

With thousands of hand picked items to choose from, style conscious shoppers can find the perfect piece for party, prom, bridal or holiday celebration! Vintage and retro clothing, accessories, jewelry, vintage Chanel handbags, designer vintage and more! There is great vintage for guys too! Bellwethers will be showing their newest collection at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show this weekend. Alexandre Brault Fabulous find! During a recent buying trip, Downtown Underground Street Boutique discovered a number or wonderful, original parkas from Canada’s north dating from Owner Cyndee Lavoie is one of Canada’s foremost experts and will have a super selection of Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags.

There will also be a rack of April Cornell dresses. The Fashion History Museum is coming! And yes we are excited. The Museum gets many, many amazing vintage garments donated to them – but there is only so much exhibit space. The garments and accessories that are not destined to become part of the Museum’s inventory – are destined to become part of some lucky person’s wardrobe!

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How to Identify Antique Eyeglasses By Keely Brown ; Updated April 12, Antique eyeglass frames were made in a wide variety of styles and materials, ranging from the wire-rimmed, wrap-around type worn in the 19th century to the exotic “cat’s eye” shapes of the s. Identifying the frame style can provide valuable clues about when the glasses were made. Likewise, determining the material can help pinpoint the decade of manufacture.

Reference books are a great help in researching these factors, particularly since many antique frames are unmarked. Vintage styles are now being reproduced, so it’s important for serious collectors to be able to correctly identify original antique frames. Seek out reference books and online resources that provide photos of popular eyeglass frame styles from the past.

Cutler and Gross have been making women’s sunglasses by hand since Choose from a range of cool colours and styles – and try on at home or in store.

Unknown as to last date in business The trademark for A. Lindroth Company, North Attelboro, Mass. The pin is considered to be of the Edwardian era English kings named Edward and designed for the very elite. Jewelry by this company is hard to find let alone little is know of the company and it is surmised that the company went out of business in the s. The jewelry has been classified good quality with unusual gothic designs and was highly popular in the s having had the Art Deco decorative look of the s and s Many items had a style typical of the Renaissance, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Rococo ornamentation.

The unusual stones used in the jewelry were set in antique gold-tones or bronzed metals. Many of the s pieces had a decidedly Art Deco look. The jewelry pieces were marked: The company ceased operations in This last company allowed her to put her label on her accessory designs of jewelry, perfume and lingerie. The Adele Simpson Company, a clothing and accessories company, was found in It produced unusual designs, chains, medallions, necklaces, broaches and earrings in sterling silver and gold plated metal using clear and color pave rhinestones, faceted crystals and faux pearls.

Adele Simpson” in script. The jewelry line was limited in production and ceased operations in the s.

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Seek out vintage in the closet of your elderly loved ones. Actually, it was her attic. Of her s three-story home in the historic section of Lancaster, Pennsylvania near the home of former president James Buchanan. All hats are available for sale in my store on Market Publique. Visit and drool over additional pictures, and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.

W hen Victoria Beckham arrived at the private members bar, Mark’s Club, in London this morning, preparing to present her new Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection to the press, she was wearing a.

These wraparound shades, which come in a range of colors and tints, have earned an average of 4. They feature a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame and the lenses, which are made from “shatterproof” polycarbonate. A pair from Target combines gold frames with blue, mirrored polycarbonate lenses to add plenty of style, along with maximum UV protection. Crew Factory Men seeking vintage style can check out J.

Crew’s Retro Frame Sunglasses. The gold-and-tortoiseshell frames with round, gray lenses are as sharp as a skinny tie out of a “fMad Men” rerun. The tinted lenses not only appeal to fashion-conscious shoppers but also help reduce glare. An optometrist writing for All About Vision recommends a gray tint to reduce overall brightness without distorting colors.

Metal accents at the temples add flair, and more than customers have rated the sunglasses an average of 4. Made from high-quality, impact-resistant materials, they come with a lifetime warranty on the lenses and frames, as well as a day money-back guarantee. The polarized lenses, an uncommon feature in cheap fashion sunglasses, help reduce glare from the sun.

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Getting a new pair of shades shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve found the best sunglasses deals and put them in one place. Before you shop, be sure to check out these special offers. One of the world’s largest retailers, Amazon features Lighting Deals, daily special promotions and coupons to help you take advantage of changing styles in eyewear.

These amazing panther sunglasses dating back to the are fierce in every sense of the word. Frames of vintage eyeglasses were actually manufactured in the s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Vintage glasses are regarded as original and authentic.

Explanation of Vintage Barbie Values The Vintage Barbie doll values listed on this page are meant to give someone new to Vintage Barbie collecting an approximate idea of value. Values vary wildly depending on the condition of the doll and the conditions of the sale. In general, dolls being sold in person or by established dealers that collectors trust will bring more than dolls being sold on eBay because of the fraud risk eBay poses.

This is based on loose dolls that are in played-with condition but have no major damage. Ken may have a few hair rubs, but he is not bald or missing large amounts of flocking. This is based on dolls with the original box, outfit and accessories that have excellent face paint or very minor restoration, minor body issues, full head of flocking with only tiny spots Ken. The amounts posted do not include values for rare versions of the dolls.

If you’d like to be notified of sales list updates, please use the contact page to send me your email address. Alternatively, you can follow Vintage Babs on Facebook. I’ll post all updates there as well.

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The model reference number of a watch, which may be numeric or alphanumeric, indicates a particular model of watch for example: The serial and model reference numbers can be found on the watch guarantee. If the guarantee is not available, these numbers can also be located externally or internally on the watch itself.

Technically, Richard is on the money. Fact is, with the exception of wine, the year of the “vintage” is unfortunately rarely included. The horse is long out of the barn on “vintage”; demanding the world now close the doors is a waste of time and energy.

Vossman True to size. Well made and light weight ripstop,, more of a olive color then green. Kathyred These are excellent quality ballistic glasses- two sets- made for a narrow face perfect for women , but still they are a little large on a very small face. Nice and light in weight, with non-slip, and decent styling for shooting glasses.

Last year I purchased an Anorak in XL from this company. The fit was perfect. A little extra roomy to have multiple layers underneath. This year I purchased this particular Anorak in XL.

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