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Emergence[ edit ] As with all ethnic groups, the ethnogenesis of the Dutch and their predecessors has been a lengthy and complex process. Though the majority of the defining characteristics such as language, religion, architecture or cuisine of the Dutch ethnic group have accumulated over the ages, it is difficult if not impossible to clearly pinpoint the exact emergence of the Dutch people; the interpretation of which is often highly personal.

The text below hence focuses on the history of the Dutch ethnic group; for Dutch national history, please see the history-articles of the Netherlands.

DiasporaEngager is the premier platform where individuals and organizations register and then post their needs and offers (e.g. recruiting, job search, philanthropy/donation, volunteering, buying or selling) so that others people and organizations (in their home/ancestral country and in their country of residence) can view and respond to them.

Japanese Dutch Original piles in Lac de Chalain, rive occidentale FR with the reconstruction of a Neolithic dwelling in the background. The exceptional conservation conditions for organic materials provided by the waterlogged sites, combined with extensive under-water archaeological investigations and research in many fields of natural science, such as archaeobotany and archaeozoology, over the past decades, has combined to present an outstanding detailed perception of the world of early agrarian societies in Europe.

The precise information on their agriculture, animal husbandry, development of metallurgy, over a period of more than four millennia, coincides with one of the most important phases of recent human history: In view of the possibilities for the exact dating of wooden architectural elements by dendrochronology, the sites have provided exceptional archaeological sources that allow an understanding of entire prehistoric villages and their detailed construction techniques and spatial development over very long time periods.

They also reveal details of trade routes for flint, shells, gold, amber, and pottery across the Alps and within the plains, transport evidence from dugout canoes and wooden wheels, some complete with axles for two wheeled carts dating from around 3, BC, some of the earliest preserved in the world, and the oldest textiles in Europe dating to 3, BC. This cumulative evidence has provided a unique insight into the domestic lives and settlements of some thirty different cultural groups in the Alpine lacustrine landscape that allowed the pile dwellings to flourish.

The series of pile dwelling sites are one of the most important archaeological sources for the study of early agrarian societies in Europe between 5, and BC. The waterlogged conditions have preserved organic matter that contributes in an outstanding way to our understanding of significant changes in the Neolithic and Bronze Age history of Europe in general, and of the interactions between the regions around the Alps in particular. The series of pile dwelling sites has provided an extraordinary and detailed insight into the settlement and domestic arrangements of pre-historic, early agrarian lake shore communities in the Alpine and sub-Alpine regions of Europe over almost 5, years.

The revealed archaeological evidence allows an unique understanding of the way these societies interacted with their environment, in response to new technologies, and also to the impact of climate change. Integrity The series of prehistoric pile-dwelling sites represents the well defined geographic area within which these sites are found to its full extent, as well as all the cultural groups in it during the time period during which the pile dwellings existed.

It therefore comprises the complete cultural context of the archaeological phenomena. The sites selected have been chosen to be those that still remain largely intact, as well as to reflect the diversity of structures, groups of structures and time-periods. As a whole the series and its boundaries fully reflect the attributes of Outstanding Universal Value.

Agri-Culture: Reconnecting People, Land and Nature

FlowDoc – FlowMotion heeft het antwoord! Klik hier om ons een vraag te stellen! Infrarood thermografie FlowMotion beschikt sinds kort over een zeer nauwkeurige en hoogwaardige infraroodcamera.

Tussen en werden onder leiding van James Mellaart opgravingen verricht bij Çatalhöyük, ten noorden van het Taurusgebergte in een vruchtbare landbouwstreek in end waren de vele beeldjes die hier gevonden werden. Mellaart stelde dat deze beeldjes de .

Inanke Cave showing rock Paintings Outstanding Universal Value Brief synthesis The Matobo Hills some 35 km south of Bulawayo are a profusion of distinctive granite landforms, densely packed into a comparatively tight area, that rise up to form a sea of hills. Their forms have resulted from the varied composition and alignment of the granite rocks, which responded differently to millions of years of weathering.

These extraordinary granite rock formations have exerted a strong presence over the whole area — both in natural and cultural terms. People have interacted with, and been inspired by, the dramatic natural rock formations of the Matobo Hills for over many millennia. This interaction has produced one of the most outstanding rock art collections in southern Africa; it has also fostered strong religious beliefs, which still play a major role in contemporary local society; and it demonstrates an almost uninterrupted association between man and his environment over the past , years.

The Matobo Hills have one of the highest concentrations of rock art in Southern Africa dating back at least 13, years. The paintings illustrate evolving artistic styles and also socio-religious beliefs. The whole bears testimony to a rich cultural tradition that has now disappeared. The rich evidence from archaeology and from the rock paintings at Matobo provides evidence that the Matobo Hills have been occupied over a period of at least , years.

Furthermore, this evidence provides a very full picture of the lives of foraging societies in the Stone Age and the way agricultural societies eventually came to displace them in the Iron Age. The Mwari religion which is still practiced in the area, and which may date back to the Iron Age, is the most powerful oracular tradition in southern Africa. The Matobo rocks are seen as the seat of god and of ancestral spirits. Sacred shrines within the hills are places where contact can be made with the spiritual world.

Matobo Hills

The aim is to shed more general light on the political, economic and social contexts of pre-colonial intensive farming in sub-Saharan Africa. A starting point is taken in the recent debate on driving forces behind terracing and irrigation in East Africa. Despite being regularly cited as fact in the literature on terraced agriculture on West Africa, no clear historical evidence is available to show that slave raiding was indeed the determining factor behind the first settlement of these hills and the terracing.

The farming systems of the late precolonial period must definitely be seen as an outcome of the political economy of the slave trade period, but the idea that the intensification is the outcome of the retreat of decentralised societies into hills and mountains, is challenged by the fact that intensification also occurred on the plains and in areas dominated by stratified social organisation and predatory states.

It seems as if the labour mobilisation required for intensive agriculture was achieved at both ends of this social continuum. Conflicts and defensive strategies, as well as co-operation in the forms of intermarriage, trade, etc.

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Ze verweet de werkgevers in de agrarische sector een ‘afhoudende houding’ tegenover het aanbod van uitzendbureau’s. “Ze willen helemaal geen uitzendkrachten inzetten en stellen onhaalbaar hoge eisen”, aldus de advocaat.

Encyclopedia of Dubious Archaeology. The Civilization of the Goddess Hodder, I. Religion in the Emergence of Civilization. The image of the Mother Goddess with which we are familiar today has its modern genesis in the writings of Johann Jakob Bachofen. In Bachofen published his famous study Das Mutterrecht in which he developed his theory that human society progressed from hetaerism, characterized by unrestricted sexual relations, to matriarchy, in which women ruled society, and finally to the most advanced stage, patriarchy.

Bachofen conceived of religious practice as progressing in a parallel manner from a belief in a mother goddess to a more advanced belief in a father god, associating belief in a mother deity with a primitive stage in the development of human society: Bachofen believed that the matriarchal form of social organization derived from the maternal mystery religions As we see with Bachofen, modern theories of the Mother Goddess have inevitably been shaped by modern cultural presuppositions about gender.

William Ramsay, the late nineteenth-century archaeologist, who was the first researcher to demonstrate that the principal deity of Phrygia was a mother goddess, drew heavily on Bachofen’s theory Roller,


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Volume 18, Issues 3—4 , February , Pages Agricultural landscapes in Europe and their transformation Author links open overlay panel J. Vroom Show more https: Landscapes are in a process of transformation owing to current changes in farming practice in the European Community. This will bring about a considerable amount of instability to the countryside.

In most of Europe farming is still related to soil conditions, topography and climate. In view of the existing lack of a common terminology required for a description of—and the distinction between—European landscapes the authors set up their own topology. Thirteen types of European agricultural landscapes are distinguished.


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